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Make Money Online With Classified or Business Listing Website


Are you interested to make money online?
Then we have a solution for you…

Start your own classified or local business listing website, Generate revenue through Google AdSense, Your Own Banner Ads and through Listing Subscription & Promotional Packages.

Initially, you no need to wait for someone to post ads or business listings in your website.. do that by yourself..

Work daily 3 to 5 hours on your website, find top 10 businesses in your area on each category and submit those business listings in your website.

For example, if you are living in hyderabad… start hyderabad city guide or directory website and create categories like best schools, colleges, training institutes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, furniture stores, electronic stores, doctors, lawyers, engineers, service providers etc.. and search for top 10 business listings related to a specific category and submit those business listings in your business directory website.. try to submit at least 50 business listings each day i.e. 1500 business listings in a month and work for at least 3 months on your website by doing the same job.. and finally after 3 months, your website will have around 4500 business listings.. that’s not a joke… i.e. you have done a very good job!!!

Here you need to follow these things to become success in your journey…
1) You need to buy a good and meaningful domain name for your website.
2) You need to choose a best hosting provider and should have Linux shared or cloud hosting account with at least 3GB RAM, 2 Core Processor, 30GB Disk Space and at least 1 Million Inodes Specifications hosting server.
3) Now you need to choose a best business directory website platform to start your work.
4) once you submitted at least 1000 business listings in your website, submit your website to google search engine (web master tools), social media and everywhere…
5) once you completed your 3 months journey, promote your website on Google and Facebook to get a better website traffic..
6) after getting at least 100 visitors per day to your website, apply for Google AdSense account and place google ads in your website..
7) allow advertisers to submit their listings for free so that your website will become popular and more website traffic will be generated means you can earn more money through Google AdSense..
😎 After 6 months of your journey, offer premium listing packages in your website so that you can earn money from your website listing subscribers..
9) After 8 months of your journey, offer promoted listing packages in your website, in this way you can earn an extra income
10) and finally after one year, once your website become popular, promote affiliate products in your website, so that you can earn huge amount of money every month…

This is 100% successful business or online money making idea…
You need to work for one year max on your website, later you just manage and enjoy passive income…

If you like it and if you would like to start a classified or business listing website, contact us… we have a readymade wordpress directory and listing website solution for you to get started immediately at very affordable pricing…

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